System Change - A story of growing resistance

Two thousand cops challenge two hundred tree squatters in an ancient forest in the middle of Germany that is to make way for a nonsensical motorway. The political and legal struggle against the construction of this motorway has been going on for forty years, but now the state, on behalf of the federal government, has decided to wrestle it out - against all resistance. The drama around the eviction of the forest squatters from the environmentally sensitive Dannenröder Forest forms the common thread of a film about the dashed hopes of the younger generation for a better future. It revolves around their growing anger, the ignorance of politicians in the face of the greatest crisis ever upon mankind, and the seemingly indestructible strangehold of capital interests over supposed intentions to build a sustainable future.

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“System Change - A story of growing resistance” opening film at the Climate and Environment Film Days in Baden near Vienna. Monday, September 25th, 2023. Further information about the cinema release in Austria and Germany will follow.

System Change semi finalist at Innsbruck Nature Film Festival in October 2023.

System Change at Globale Mittelhessen in October 2023.

System Change distributed in Austria by Polyfilm.