Forests and Climate

Activists living in tree houses document  unfolding events ‘cinema verite’, while on the ground there’s daily 4K pro coverage and ‘big picture’ views from a drone recording the destruction of an ancient forest to make way for a highway - mix that with the escalating confrontation with police special forces attempting to evict activists from trees along with a rising anger against inadequate climate policies  and you have a near perfect vehicle to drive the exposition of an in depth investigation into the impact that the destruction of forests has on climate change. It’s also a story that questions whether mankind can survive without a radical system change, a change that demands that we ‘think globally before acting locally’.

90 mins feature length documentary. International cinema release 2023.


6,000 rhinoceroses are known to have been slaughtered in South Africa since 2008 in what has become known as “the rhino war”. While the debate among politicians and animal rights activists rages on about the best way to solve the problem, the true victims of this war suffer unspeakable abuse. A few rhinos survive the savage attacks severely injured, left for dead gushing blood from their mutilated head wounds. These are the central characters of our story.

On hold.


A story of courage and hope in the midst of overwhelming adversity and myth information. On hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow us on Facebook. Visit our movie website. Support us on Indiegogo.

On hold. To be finished 2024.

Its myth goes back to prehistoric times: ivory. 40,000-year-old filigree carvings from the tusks of mammoths testify to the intellectual confrontation of our ancestors with a hostile world. The fascination for the "white gold" continues to this day.

43 mins TV documentary. Broadcasted at 3sat /ZDF on December 13, 2019

In production.